JavaScript Muggle: String

let text = 'I like coffee';
console.log(text.length) // 13
console.log(text[0]); // 'I'
let and = 'and';
let tea = 'tea';
let newText = text + and + tea;
console.log(newText); // 'I like coffeeandtea'
let textWithSpace = text + ' ' + and + ' ' + tea;
console.log(textWithSpace) // 'I like coffee and tea'
// to obtain a piece of string
text.substring(0,6); // 'I like'
text.slice(0,6); // 'I like'
//split text
text.split(" "); ['I', 'like', 'coffee']
//character at index 2
text.charAt(2); // 'l'
text.startsWith('I'); // true
text.endsWith('like'); // false
// turn a string characters into lowercase/uppercase characters
'my name is Marshal'.toUpperCase(); // 'MY NAME IS MARSHAL'
'my name is Marshal'.toLowerCase(); // 'my name is marshal'
let name = 'Jermaine Lamarr Cole';
name[2]; // 'r'
name[0]; // 'J'




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Aktan Abdygaziev

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